• Ensure the headset is placed on top of your ears, with the back of the frame touching the back of your head. (Almost as if you’re wearing sunglasses backwards.)
  • Bend the frame so it hooks down in front of the ears. This provides stability and the best appearance.
  • If you find that the frame creates a pressure point on your ears, consider using the fabric cushions we provided. They can be attached by rolling the fabric around the frame into a cylinder. The velcro attaches to the fabric itself.

Ear tips

  • The quality of noise reduction is completely dependent on a proper ear tip seal! It’s well-worth practicing ear tip insertion at home, before you get in the aircraft.
  • Roll the tip into a narrow cylinder. The rolled diameter must be smaller than the diameter of your ear canal. Then, insert the tip into your ear quickly, before the tips start to expand. It is important to straighten out your ear canal by pulling back on the top of your ear as you’re inserting the tips.
  • Once the tips are in your ear, you must hold them there for at least 10-20 seconds as the foam expands to create a seal in your canal.
  • The ear tips should be fully inserted into the ear. Use a mirror, or have someone check if any significant portion of the ear tip is sticking out of your ear. If there is, you likely haven’t inserted the tip deeply enough (or it has moved out of your ear as it expanded). If this occurs, consider trying a different size ear tip.
  • You should not hear background noises such as rubbing your hands together
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