AXIS In-Ear Aviation Headset


Be freed from the discomfort of traditional pilot headsets. Experience one of the world’s lightest headsets, designed for simplicity from the highest-quality components.

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  • Designed for aircraft with standard dual male plugs (PJ-055/PJ-068)


  • Exceptional passive noise reduction via earplugs
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Adjustable mic gain
  • AUX input and output


  • Head weight of 1 oz (28 grams)
  • FlexiFrame design adapts to all head sizes
  • Includes ear cushion accessory


  • Precision-assembled from premium electronic and acoustical components
  • Three-year warranty
  • Friendly and responsive customer support

Effective noise reduction. Half the cost of high-end ANR headsets. No batteries required.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
Over-the-ear headset (NRR 23)
AXIS - Comply™/3M™ ear tips (avg. NRR 29)
Many pilots find that with proper ear-tip insertion, the noise reduction from in-ear headsets can be on-par with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets. In-ear headsets can be enjoyed by both general aviation pilots and airline pilots alike. Read more

Nearly zero clamping force

Say goodbye to headaches, sweaty ears during the summer, and discomfort from eyewear.

Goodbye headset hair

The headset rests gently on top of your ears—not the top of your head. Taller pilots will also enjoy extra headroom.

Easily wear sunglasses, hats, hoods

Comfortably wear glasses and hats with the low-profile AXIS design. Easily put on/take off hats without having to remove your headset.

Meet Our Featured AXIS Pilots

"I've been flying with the AXIS for almost a month now and I love them. It's a great headset at a great price!"
Trevor "Dozen" Aldridge, Pilot (Fighters, Corporate, Aerobatic, GA)
"I love the product. It's the most comfortable headset I have ever had."
Martin Pauly, Flight Instructor, Aviation YouTuber, Bonanza owner

What makes the AXIS unique?

Small details make the difference.

On long flights, even the smallest details matter. Does it feel good when wearing sunglasses? Are there annoying pressure points or sharp edges? Does the microphone stay where you put it?

Unsatisfied with the competing headsets, we decided to develop a product that feels great even after hours in the air.

Innovative FlexiFrame

To ensure maximum conformity to your specific head shape, the metal headset frame is highly flexible. This allows the headset to be stored completely flat. The mic can also be worn on either the left or right side.

Check out how the AXIS stacks up against other headsets.

Make outbound phone calls

While most other headsets only provide AUX input, you can use the AXIS to make outgoing phone calls using the provided AUX cable.

Sleek, minimalist style

Every detail of the AXIS experience was designed to look and feel good. Matching black acoustic tubes give a clean, minimalist appearance compared to competing in-ear headsets.


We carefully selected the highest quality electronic and acoustical components (premium Knowles™ microphone, drivers, and dampers) for high-quality, reliable audio.

Each headset undergoes a series of comprehensive functional checks, including an automated acoustical test against RTCA DO-214A standards, and a manual test of all functionality.



Despite its light weight, the AXIS is extremely durable. The extra-long strain reliefs at the intercom jacks provide exceptional cable protection. The cable is made from tough, flexible thermoplastic elastomer, with high-strength polyamide fiber reinforcement and shielding from external signal interference.

Unlike some competitor headsets which have delicate speaker electronics just outside the ear tips, AXIS speakers are safely located in durable nylon capsules on the frame. This reduces the risk of damage from moisture/wax, or from tugging on thin wires. The speakers connect to the ear tips through strong, flexible acoustic tubing which is easily user-replaceable.

A headset that adapts to your unique needs as a pilot.

Adjustable mic gain

We offer a user-adjustable microphone gain so you can set the gain most appropriate for your aircraft. 

Pilots flying aircraft with a HOT mic system (such as the ERJ/CRJ) may benefit from the LOW gain setting.

Left/right seat adaptability

The headset can be adapted in seconds for use in either the left or right seat – ideal for check airmen and flight instructors. Switch microphone between left/right sides simply by bending the frame.

A wide range of ear tips

Three sizes of pillow-soft Comply™ ear tips are provided with each headset.

The headset is compatible with additional ear tips, such as 3M™ foam and triple flange styles. These can be purchased separately via the Ear Tip Variety Pack.

The headset is also compatible with custom earmolds (see FAQ).

Smart Storage for Pilots on the Move

Slim and Durable

Thanks to its unique flexible frame, the headset is designed for ultra-compact, flat storage in its custom-designed case.

The case is made with ballistic nylon fabric for maximum durability.

For optimal organization, the case includes compartments for storing spare ear tips, and is perfectly sized to fit documents such as your pilot certificate and passport. Easily present your documents while jumpseating.

For even more flexibility: Wear on top of the head

The AXIS gives you more options for how to wear your headset. By attaching two included snap-on side pads, the headset can be worn on top of your head, leaving your ears completely pressure-free. 

It may also be worn in the standard way (on top of the ears), and is a good option for those with larger head sizes to ensure optimal microphone placement.

Other features

AUX input •
Using the provided 3.5 mm TRRS AUX input cable, you can stream audio from a smartphone/tablet to your headset.

AUX output •
Using the provided audio cable, you can connect your headset to a smartphone to make phone calls (such as to maintenance, a clearance delivery phone number, or during a worst-case lost communications scenario) without taking your headset off.

Wearing headset on neck •
If you want to use the headset as a passenger (such as during a commute) and avoid having a microphone in front of your mouth, you may use the included set of long acoustic tubes and wear the headset around your neck.

Lapel clip •
Attach to part of your clothes or the aircraft to create cable slack.

Ear cushions •
For those with sensitive ears, six cushions are provided that can be attached to the frame over the ears in order to enhance comfort.

Still have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Or even better, drop us a line and we will be happy to personally work together to ensure that your in-ear headset experience is a success.

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"It’s supremely comfortable. These feel lighter than air, as if wearing nothing at all. There is no squeeze around my head. Overall, this is the very best headset device I’ve ever encountered."
L.C., Embraer 175 Captain
"This headset was far more comfortable relative to other ANR and in-ear headsets I have worn. Overall I would give this headset a two thumbs up. By far the most comfortable and practical headset for 121 turbojet operations."
F.O., Embraer 175 Captain
"I’ve flown almost 50 hours with the AXIS headset. Different intercoms and audio panels and so far it's the best headset I’ve used hands down! Noise reduction is on par with the [competitor in-ear headset], but your headset is more comfortable. Plus, I really appreciate the compact storage case."
A.B., Flight Instructor (KRNT airport)
"Lightweight and nothing on my head. Very quiet."
C.W., Embraer 175 Captain
"Correctly positioned, the headset was very comfortable with no ear tugging or microphone placement issues. The black foam tips worked perfectly."
D.H., Cessna 172 pilot (KTRI airport)
"Enjoying the headset very much. I feel much more comfortable with it now and I’m getting better at putting the ear plugs in. The set has thus far worked flawlessly. The headset gets better with each use as I get used to it. Extremely comfy, easy to pack, light weight and no more clamp head."
K.O., Embraer 175 Captain
"Overall the design is more comfortable than my [high-end ANR headset] after a full day."
Z.S., CRJ-700 First Officer
"Very well built. The headset case is awesome in that it is much smaller than any other headset case I have used."
J.S., Embraer 175 First Officer
"They are an innovative design and I do like that they are much less intrusive/more comfortable - especially if wearing a hood."
D.C., Flight instructor (EGBJ airport)
"Had 5 flights last week and wore the Axis for all but one of them. I did this to baseline myself to what I was used to. Although not noise canceling, the Axis has better sound quality compared to the [high-end ANR headset]. I would have never thought I would say or even think that. "
P.B., Flight instructor in Virginia
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 oz (28 g) weight on head

Speaker Type

Balanced armature

Speaker Impedance

Mono: 150 Ohm +/- 20%
Stereo: 300 Ohm +/- 20%

Microphone Type

Noise-cancelling amplified electret

Mic Gain Settings

Normal gain
Low gain (-10 dB)

AUX Jack

3.5 mm TRRS (left/right audio in and microphone audio out)

Cable Length

18.5 inches (47 cm) from the tip of the plugs to the volume control box
3.25 (8 cm) inches volume control box
55.5 inches (141 cm) from the volume control box to the headset

Carrying Case Specs

6.3 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches (16 x 19 x 4.3 cm), exterior fabric 1680D ballistic nylon

What's included in the box?

1 AXIS headset
1 lapel clip
1 pair of standard length silicone acoustic tubes
1 pair of long length silicone acoustic tubes
2 couplers to attach the acoustic tubes to the ear tips
1 AUX input/output cable
1 high-density microphone foam
6 foam ear cushions
1 pair of side pad adapters with silicone grip pad
3 pairs of Comply™ ear tips (small, standard, large)
1 quick reference card

  1. Matthew W. (verified owner)

    Headset works great! Shipping was fast.

  2. Mark S. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the headset so far! I fly the E175 and have been using the Axis for several weeks now. Extremely comfortable and I will not be going back to a traditional on ear or over ear headset anytime soon. Thanks for a great product!

  3. Kevin O. (verified owner)

    Love my Axis headset. It’s simple to use, light weight, and the quality of this compact system is better than any other headset that I have used in the past. Get one, you won’t regret it. ERJ CA , 15+ years part 121 experience.

  4. David S. (verified owner)

    Very nice headset. Ear pieces are very comfortable and works great with single ear use.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Really liking the new headset. The fact it blocks out so much cockpit noise is great. It is comfortable too with my glasses.

  6. Trenton H. (verified owner)

    Works well, very comfortable and reasonably priced

  7. Gregory Clark (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the quality of the headset and the packaging it came in. I have only been able to use it for a few hours of flying so far, but am quite happy with the performance. The noise suppression in a Cessna 182 was good, and I certainly appreciated not having a “clamp around my head”. I intend to order a 2nd one for my wife.

  8. Jacob F. (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the Axis Headset! It is the most comfortable of its style that I have tried and works very well in my jet cockpit. The case is also top notch and keeps the headset safe while being very slim and easy to store!

  9. Amanda H. (verified owner)

    The headset is decent and definitely better than my old david clarks in the jet. The earplugs have decent passive noise reduction and I like being able to wear my sunglasses properly again. I do have some feedback though. It is definitely too big. It is somewhat adjustable but the back of the headset really doesn’t touch my head at all and I need it to kind of pinch my head above the ears for it to stay up. The back just kind of flops down making it a little precarious. I’m an averaged size full grown woman so it really should fit me better. If I can reach the rudder pedals I shouldn’t have to buy a kids headset. I think it would be good if the actual length of the head piece that goes around the back could shrink and lengthen.
    I also wish the cord and mic were on the same side. I like the mic on the outside edge and that means the cord has to go across my body to reach the plug and just is more likely to get in the way.

    • AXIS Headset (store manager)

      We appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to hear that the fit is not ideal for you. We will continue to stay in touch via email as we explore potential solutions to improve the fit of your headset.

  10. Kennedy (verified owner)

    Great headset. Small and compact which is great for commuters like myself. Would recommend to anyone looking for these type of headsets.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Overall, a decent headset. But it is pretty difficult to get the right seal in the ear canal to reduce noise. Once you get it, the headset works well. Maybe it’ll get better with use.

    • AXIS Headset (store manager)

      Thanks sincerely for your feedback. As discussed via email, we have sent you some complimentary additional ear tips called Skull Screws that we hope might make it easier to obtain a proper ear tip seal. We will stay in touch to do whatever we can to make your AXIS experience a fully positive one!

  12. Landon C. (verified owner)

    Awesome headset! The low gain mic is perfect for the ERJ. Very light weight and versatile.

  13. Mats Ekelund (verified owner)

    Comfortable to wear and very good noise reduction.
    I am very happy with my headset and can really recommend them to other pilots.

  14. Nevin H. (verified owner)

    This headset it awesome! I had high hopes when I purchased it and it lived up to all of my expectations. It is super easy to use, lightweight and the quality is excellent. The best part is not having a headset sitting on top of your head. It is surprising how fatiguing a normal headset is and I feel so much better after a long day of flying. I also did extensive research into the AXIS headset and its competitors and this one easily out-performs the others and is much more durable.

  15. Alfredo Zingg (verified owner)

  16. Bryan (verified owner)

    Excellent headset! Build quality is outstanding. Microphone is great and gives good side tone. Comfortable even after wearing for 8 hours. Best headset I’ve used in over 20 years of flying.

  17. Hong ming tang (verified owner)

    I always have problem with large headset. It gives me headache after an hour or so because of the clamping force. I used the AXIS headset for a two hour trip with out any headache. Almost forgot about it. The sound is clear, noise blocking is good, no battery needed, light weight. The only thing is the mic easily out of place if gets bumped while you move your head. But the whole headset is so light, I do not mind.

  18. David (verified owner)

    I had previously used a competitor’s in ear headset and the biggest problem was the mike boom would never stay in place. Axis has solved that problem with a high quality, very comfortable headset. It fits your head nicely with the flexible over ear pieces. Everything stays in place, the sound quality in excellent and the comfort level great.

  19. Uwe Peter Dürr (verified owner)

    Excellent headset!!Very comfortable on long flights!
    Fantastic noise cancelling and good speakers for a clear

  20. tculpepp (verified owner)

    I’ve been an aviation headrests for the last 20 years doing various crew duties and even more hours on the ground. When moving into GA I knew I did not want an over there ear headset but was apprehensive just given the lack of in ear headsets.
    The axis just worked the first time I put it on. Even better, it disappeared while in use. I forgot I was wearing the headset unless I was bumping into the mic cover. The audio was clear both from me and to me. My only wish was that there was a small clip on the control box. I’m sure I’ll figure something out there. (As a bonus I got to watch my buddy do the FL summer sweat sling as he removed his over the ear headset)

  21. Matthieu D. (verified owner)

    Excellent headset and company.
    First, shipping was really fast : only 2 days after the order to get it home in France.
    Small and so easily transportable.
    Bought it for my aerobatic flights in an Extra aircraft and can’t be more happy. Mic stays well in place during aerobatic figures.
    Comfort is really good, tested it during multiple hours flights.

  22. Kelley R. (verified owner)

    Awesome headset and service! I switched from a Bose A20 to the Axis headset and it was a world of difference. The headset is so much more comfortable, what I didn’t expect was how much clearer the radios are. It’s so much easier to understand controllers and I pick up radio calls that crew members aren’t. Great work!

  23. Austin (verified owner)

    Took it up in the 172 for the last 2 months. Cannot go back. No sweat at all and forget it’s there every time.

  24. Connor (verified owner)

    Very happy with the headset! Fixed all my headache issues from my Bose! Cannot wait to continue to see this headset grow and improve!

  25. Andrew (verified owner)

    Using it on the A320. Passes every test and it is flexible for my needs whether it’s noisy or quiet.

  26. Sylvain DUPUIS (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new headset ! After years using a Sennheiser with ANR I decided to go for a in-ear headset for aerobatics. I fly a very noisy aircraft and I’ve been impressed by the noise reduction the AXIS offers, way better than my ANRed Sennheiser. I’m now also using it at work (Piaggio Avanti and Cessna Citation) as it provides very nice sound and takes very limited space for travelers, it’s probably the smallest headset case on the market. Flying aerobatics there is nothing to say : the AXIS and its mic doesn’t move under positive or negative g-load and feels nothing on your head, with or without sunglasses.

  27. Loren L. (verified owner)

    Absolute beast of a headset for 121 operations. I wish I knew about it sooner. I recommend to all other pilots I fly with.

  28. Gretchen P. (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for two months and love them. The noise reduction is great (flying in a C172) and the sound quality is equally great.

  29. ALI J. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Clarity Aloft and it was very uncomfortable around the neck and over the ears, tried Axis and it was very comfortable and light, great Headset.

  30. Bryan (verified owner)

    very good in-ear passive noise reduction headset . I like how it fits and it’s super light. after hours of use no discomfort or headaches or itchy ears.

  31. Michael (verified owner)

    Great headset. Zero complaints.

  32. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Love this headset! Brilliant, simple design, lightweight, comfortable, excellent noise reduction, great sound quality. I mainly use it at work in A320/321 aircraft (wish the Airbus plug was an option), but I’ve also used it in light piston aircraft and found it to be even more quiet than my Bose A20s. Better and more comfortable than Clarity Aloft, UFQ L2, etc. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues who also purchased it. They love it, too!

  33. Tanmay P. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the light weight, minimalistic design.

  34. michael hare (verified owner)

    Boom Mike is a little short for me.

    • AXIS Headset (store manager)

      Thanks for your feedback, Michael. As communicated by email, we are able to offer an upgrade to the long-mic version of our headset to provide a better fit. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested.

  35. Ihab (verified owner)

    Good Headsets. wish they included more Ear Tips, Im having hard time getting a good Ear seal with tips provided.

    • AXIS Headset (store manager)

      We appreciate your feedback, Ihab. We have reached out by email with more information about our Ear Tip Variety Pack, as well as additional suggestions to get the best performance from the Comply tips.

  36. Joe Valdez (verified owner)

    I’m an airline pilot. I use this headset in conjunction with a GA to Airbus adapter. The headset is so light and very comfortable. I’m not sure you can get more bang for your buck than with the AXIS. I highly recommend.

  37. Ilinca Nicolescu (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this headset. The main reason I got it was for aerobatic flying. The usual over the year headset was already falling off my head when in inverted flight or during rolls. This headset is amazing for this kind of activities, barely loves and the noise cancellation is pretty good as long as you make sure the ear tips are well inserted in your ear. I also really like how light it is and that your ears don’t hurt. At times you even forget you have it on. A Bluetooth feature would be nice to have but for what I needed it for I think it does it’s job very well.

  38. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Best headset I’ve owned!! Previously owned and used Telex 840, Bose A20, Bose Proflight II, and Clarity Aloft Flex. These are like wearing a pair of really light sunglasses (backwards). Stay secure in place once on (my first concern) and clarity of audio is excellent (another pre-purchase concern). Hot mic background noise is minimal (unlike my Clarity Alofts). Highly recommend (used on transport category aircraft w hot mic system).

  39. Cody F. (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical to be honest because I am VERY picky on headsets. But I can confidently say this is the best headset I have ever purchased. I am a 737 pilot and have used the Bose A20/A30, David Clark DC-One and the biggest challenger, the clarity aloft. First… The Bose and DC’s were too big, uncomfortable on long flights, hat head, etc etc. The clarity alofts were nice until I found these. The Axis is even MORE comfortable than the Clarity ALofts, they bend in every direction, you can go from left seat to right, they are lighter and one of the biggest perks is how small they travel. The case is about 1 1/2 inches thick. Its seriously the perfect headset for jet pilots. I was concerned they would jiggle around but they fit snug because every part of the headset is manuveable. Seriously crazy design. The clarity is as good if not superior to any of the headsets above. If I had to nit pick… I would make the cord about 12 inches longer but that’s just because of how I wrap it around in the 73 to keep the cords behind me since I don’t like cords around me.

  40. Janrich Cronje (verified owner)

    Amazing! Outstanding quality.
    If you think this is just for jets, think again. It works perfectly well with prop aircraft👌🏻

  41. William N. (verified owner)

    Much more comfortable than the Proflight 2 in my option. These are my new favorite headsets.

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Q & A

Does it go around your neck or over your head? Yoshi Inui asked on April 18, 2024

Hi Yoshi, you can wear it around over your head, on top of your ears, or around your neck - it's up to you.

AXIS Headset answered on April 19, 2024 store manager
(0) (0)
Are these TSO approved? Jachin Roach asked on May 12, 2022

Hi Jachin, the AXIS is not TSO-certified at this time.

AXIS Headset answered on May 13, 2022 store manager
(0) (0)

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