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Orders & Returns

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Please email, including your name, address, phone number, product serial number, and date of purchase. We will send you an RMA number which must be indicated on your shipment for the return to be accepted. Returns must be shipped within 7 days after the issuance of an RMA number. The refund will be processed following receipt and inspection of the returned product.

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  • Rhode Island
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Yes, we offer a 10% military discount (please contact us).

The only discount we offer is a 10% off military discount. We also sometimes offer refurbished headsets at a lower price. Unfortunately, we do not have any airline or fight instructor discounts.


No! Unlike ANR headsets which require frequent battery changes, the AXIS does not require batteries.

The standard AXIS includes:

  • 1 AXIS headset
  • 1 lapel clip
  • 1 pair of standard length silicone acoustic tubes
  • 2 couplers to attach the acoustic tubes to the ear tips
  • 1 AUX input/output cable
  • 1 high-density microphone foam
  • 6 foam ear cushions
  • 3 pairs of Comply™ ear tips (small, standard, large)
  • 1 quick reference card

The AXIS Long Mic also includes:

2 side pad adapters 
2 long acoustic tubes

Yes! Unlike traditional headsets whose ear cups push your sunglasses into the side of your head, sunglasses can be rested gently on top of the AXIS frame with minimal discomfort.

Yes, the headset adapts well to most head sizes due to its unique flexible frame.

While there is no direct adjustment for the mic boom length, proper placement of the microphone is achieved by bending the mic boom towards or away from your face as needed, as shown below.

The frame is adapted to your head size by bending it appropriately in front of your ears. (The capsules will be closer to the ears for someone with a larger head size, and further from the ears for someone with a smaller head size.)

Originally, we offered a standard AXIS and another version with a slightly longer microphone boom. We decided to consolidate these into one product, which now includes the longer mic boom.

The extra mic boom length lets you use the headset in several additional ways, such as wearing the headset on top of your head, or around your neck.

It does not affect the ability to wear the headset on top of your ears.

To achieve proper mic placement, you simply need to bend the mic boom. If your head size is on the smaller side, you simply have to bend the boom further away from your head (like shown in the right picture).

The AXIS is compatible with general aviation aircraft and airliners with standard dual male plugs (PJ-055/PJ-068).

The Axis headset is currently not available with a helicopter-style (U-174) audio connector. However, commercial adapters are available to convert the dual GA plugs into a helicopter-compatible connector.

No, the Axis headset is designed only for civilian aircraft audio system impedance.

We do not offer an Airbus connector option. However, numerous pilots use the AXIS on the Airbus with adapters purchased from third parties.

Not at this time.

However, using the provided 3.5 mm TRRS AUX input cable, you can stream audio from a smartphone/tablet to your headset.

ATC audio and AUX input audio will be mixed together. The headset does not automatically mute the AUX input when there are incoming radio communications.

Yes, we are developing a Bluetooth version of the AXIS. We expect it to be available in the summer of 2024 at the soonest.

The AXIS is currently assembled/tested in Europe (Spain). Headsets purchased prior to June 1, 2023 were assembled/tested in the United States. All our headsets are precision-assembled by the same engineers, to the same standards, using the same high-quality components.

The AXIS is not TSO-certified at this time. This certification is generally only required by certain air carriers – not typically a concern for general aviation pilots.

However, the headset’s high-quality balanced armature speakers and noise-canceling microphone provide optimal response for air traffic control speech frequency ranges according to the DO-214A industry standard.

The in-ear style of headset is not for everyone. If you do not tolerate ear plugs in your ears for prolonged periods of time, this headset may not be for you. While many users find that the benefits of the light weight and minimalist design outweigh any ear discomfort, this is something to consider. Luckily, we have provided a variety of ear tips to help you find a size and material that is comfortable for you.

The AXIS can require an initial adjustment period and practice to ensure optimal comfort and performance, particularly regarding proper insertion of the ear tips. 

Ear Tips

In order to ensure optimal noise reduction performance, your ear tips need to be periodically replaced. Otherwise, even if you roll the ear tip firmly, the foam will expand too quickly before you can insert the ear tip deep into your ear.

The ear tips should be replaced if they no longer compress/expand properly, if they become soiled, or if another person will be using the headset.

The frequency of replacement depends on many factors. The most important factor is how often you use the headset. With heavy use, expect to replace your foam ear tips around once every 1-2 months. With lighter use, expect to replace your foam ear tips every 2-4 months.

The AXIS includes 3 pairs of Comply™ foam ear tips (small, medium, and large), which are ideal for most customers. Additional styles of ear tips are available for purchase via the Ear Tip Variety Pack.

Please visit our Replacement Ear Tip page for more information.

Yes. You can attach custom ear molds to the AXIS if they have a hole size compatible with the plastic couplers on the ends of the acoustic tubes. The coupler has a max diameter of 3.5 mm on the end which must be attached to the custom ear mold.

For the most cost-effective option, we suggest contacting an audiologist in your area. You will need them to take impressions of your ear in their office. They will then send those impressions to a mold manufacturer. Contact a few audiologists to find out their pricing and turnaround times.

To make the ear molds compatible with the AXIS couplers, the manufacturer should only need to receive the black plastic couplers, not the entire headset.

They need to ensure that the larger end of the coupler is what will attach to the ear mold. This is because the smaller part is designed to attach to the tubes.

Noise Reduction

No – the headset works via passive noise reduction provided by the foam ear tips. 

With proper insertion, the noise reduction from the ear tips we provide can be on par with the reduction from ANR headsets. For more information, please visit our Noise Reduction page.

Yes! In-ear headset customers successfully use their headsets in various types of general aviation aircraft.

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